Saturday 5 August 2023

2 aug


Now...only because

And Jaqueline and Di.. the most 'woke' Goldsmith collegeratti...back in the day - fourty years ago.... " Oh feelings are .... in his ditty" no one ever said
what a pity he is repressed
and spat at for frocks..
in fact no one much cared....
he did he created himself to be cared about and... 

(i used to fly his lover louise... god this song was made for the look in her eyes " ohhh simon what am i doing you and i mid North Sea.... he paying for us to be alone up here mid North sea...just you and me...  better than telling truths on the hilltops.... i feel so guilty he's married and... in public makes out he luvvas iz wifey..mind you the positions i can La La Step into.... ."

so where was i 2 aug...
one MAY be down below
it needs a couple of little extras in the weave...
that were not overlooked
you have no idea the ENERGY that goes into his struggling with...

only silence

may be posted few days ago

not yet posted same day

oops... they went and got blown in the is 0655 thats on

then 0717 and 0924  - above - not on
are the next segments that may also belong with an audio podderation 
his gonna take some get back