Tuesday 15 August 2023

authentic, part 1

 part 2 out of an event 3 weeks ago still todo

Only one woman ever has shared with me, like me, she can toss herself off and in her all zeeing eye its nearly as good as the real thing

a bodily combo of mind and .. hand i assume

as did Withnail Bruce once...in the fishqueue 2006......well with a schitzo wifey  like Joni Deville i guess it may be a requirement ..


" Mav... i am living in the song...... in it...  it all came true! embodied.... mystery tramp line... all of it... i have to lend mrs number one  sexy ethereal yummy ..[.13ish . years ago even i asked her to marry .. phewww lucky escape..books and covers tgecgreatvunderstatement!.].. she needs to bum a dime from me to feed her kid...nowt in cupbiard but a dry fishfinger... and i told her its gotta be paid back in a week as i run out of grubcash then too..[ unpaid of course but worth it to live IN the song].

.its like living... being living for real.. in IT

. greatest art ever... "

but i never once put her 

in my minds eye and did err...  even if her thing  is pics for fakebook of all sorts of yogic contortions.... and still reasonable bod for age...abd i know quite certainly she would have 'flowed' into her gusset making loud alegations of  mental illness crime against her... ( proof pudding: she pays up, cops her neighbours)

i am authentic.... only the authentic work...in my minds eye

i knew from early december last year.

And thats the way it  is still and  always will