Tuesday 15 August 2023


 ooooh im getting good at phone bloggin writin i hate..

added to earlier paragraphs.. learned tat last to copy paste whole para  with finger tap....hate all non mouse writing

added below

"just like fake nature writers come live in The Marches so full of themselves forget to teach their kids how to stay alive in it... wasp or bee dont scream for instagram...keep your gob SHUT..... sting to tongue is only way they can and do ..kill....incredible no larents even k ow that bringinging up a child basic  fundamental essential any more...i hope Karl gets one up his nose"

i havent even started on that topic yet.... start at beginning  ( of this material... february i think) i riffed on this darling... start there for  drug addicted lush . london official showoff  fancypants super smart psychologist....her fakebook boasts!! 

pissed  and smokin spliff says shes utterly fuckerated...in streets of knighton last autumn  at the carnival ...in front of her  poor lost looking 9 year old gal.... 11am in morn....one of the ultra spiritual yummies...runs YOUR woodland kid events...loads of em... council funded...

your kids may go to if you  go down to those woods today....

you better hope she topped errself ( looked as if the anorexia was clickin in last time i saw her)

or else