Thursday 10 August 2023

But last day..

 she (20 - off to really be maverick,  at ARTS COLLEGE..)... the look....

" he is forgiven i guess for Killing Fields... that CHANGED me..i always remember his name Dith Prahn... bringing him so beautifully made me know litle brown men are real men ..made me feel a noman...

"  oh you know Joni Mitchell.... well once mateish of mine Bruce... his supermodel wifey years prancin around he place attired exactly like Joni....i adored her... she would quip n flirt a bit ... even with me... 

"but seemed somehow only sincerity

" ten years ago wandering to supermarket Boxing day and.. there she was .. ten tweny grand extremely tall thing highup.... she dressed exactly like Cruella..

the Deville..

. and loving 

every photograph of her... 

i have one, too...

as i sighed " even....herrrr"

model citizen; the real one she showed seemingly that day

 out front 

the largest one of the year


to head off into the hills

and hunt

 (" you mean  bloodlustily  tear limb from limb" her look said)

some innocent little foxes


the look  

her face

I should have explained how they got he wrong one - the foxey lot who actually fizz that  our culture or science is any good, decades have been the prob..

But the good thing, the HOPE...she actually seemed to somehow already

know........ the problem.

i know...your future bookbuyers...