Thursday 10 August 2023

Clun, next...

 And it gives me NO pleasure dishing the dirt on..

video of the local good 'burgher' - in festival attire.... Falstafian

"Good bloke" they say of him down the do the grant givvers:  "he's bringing the town to life..".bringing in the fat tattooed from all over the midlands to

 theme park away all day 

pretending to be jolly Falstaffs too

Many of course brought in by Nina's myth in a book about a tradition of "Green Man" gatherings - a local telling me that day, later.. "only started about 15 years ago for... the Nina's... [ i knew her well.... more on her one day... ]"

But of course tittle tattle about her inability to treat her (or rather sugar daddy Hilary Lawson's - mister archetype Tom Paul the very first.... old man can only get teenagers to take up with him... grown ups see through his...sad little ex public schoolboy land grabbing and Miss Use..act..) treat her  land slaves even ... like tittle tattle and often pre chronicle days...

However the films of him...all costumed up, and Master of ceremonies...IN CHARGE... waddling around half an hour on his ... 30 or 40 litres a minute   of rawest toilet paper 'inclusive'...sewerage bubbling up from the drains next to his 10 metres downstream....

playing..he never even notices...nor gets some sandbags or a spade and some earth to divert it...

BETTER than the scene in Don't look Up where the nice guru man using children in his ventures..centrestage in his PR (all The MArches expert at it !!).when one asks him a question later in the wings good as says fuck off..

I know are classic. Even if it means of course i can never safely go back to the one place in whole region i could just about tolerate ...would often go and just find some quiet place to Be... unseen, unnoticed, humble, walk a bit and ... think and write a not TOO up itself... but then he proved that morning

This May

i was


But haven't even started yet on what "for the English to see" as our fabulous Portuguese sages long ago saw as ... default

They also believe ..." NOT finished yet...[unlike for example dead word 'hiraeth*'} "

 your death cult Guardian newspapers of course find words like that "untranslatable"... you have to LIVE words to be able to understand them...i know what that word means.