Sunday 13 August 2023

 hedge day


one of many but so so first draft

So interesting to speak with an objective mind about...stuff

And joined in the audios.... need an edit....  soon

the real person 'perspective' of our theme park lands.. from someone so obviously not so badlt fuckerated by a range of toxic ideas and bullshit

As i find to be the case with (good thing about wandering pathways is one encounters balanced minds and plenty of cheapskate Europeans who whoop whoop can sort of afford to be here... cheaper to fly in than out ! - thats what you get from your spivclass of Nigels 

they didnt tell you about about

And her sleeping in her motor with her lass...

The real joy of spontaneous ANYthing can happen as long as one knows how to avoid the absolute pandemic of ragged druggy type 1 danger men..

I explained to them.... the techniques.

But when i am told the truth yesterday of places inland   ...(by a local burgher man..) 

 drugged up angry peeps everywhere i can understand any woman being wary of some chap...


walk on time

except there are now two missions.

Jez has ....needs.... and if they all say they see none....well,

 needs, MUST

 no matter what

And thus....


I heard in something recently  - reference soon, i always reference non-me material....

a great line " if you have nothing to die for... what are you even alive for....?"

well even a bit of new Jez life is worth trying....something. All the way

series hurried in any event - people to speak with before film to capture...

and incomplete

as yet

but i am a one day soon holes will be filled in









he end of the road
to hell and back 



10 42... yestermorn
end of the day 

until afternoon landloping so depressing....give the f up....forever.. the "Miss Oh Jennies.... be a doll and have my din ready when i get back from the pub" ...lot

i always call the Sweetheart song....
even if it has the ONLY 'activist' words that are true... sad little Sinaed " singer and activist" sadly wouldnt understand...her skin covered up all day...likely dying young, never mind the MIND works far better ...with loadsa UV..

" the emphasis is on TUTOR....and NURSE...."   seems only Afeni knew and...
In fact my whole 25 years... 21 certainly.... just cos my father went to a fancy school - Rydal rugger and buggery ..
And a slightly posher accent one cannot avoid inheriting..
For 21 years i have had'safety' net
In any conceivable way
Not a penny to spare
not a person to borrow from...
not a sane family member who even understands purpose for maybe a wider society, never mind putting ones child first.
No   rich girlfriend (only like he humbler ones.... maybe less 'ARROGANT'...)
No mate with a job...( especially Hay they dont REALLY wish to be around free speech or free thinking .... slaves - Morelli of Cinema Bookshop was paying women half the male rate of pay same job even a decade ago... and no one wants to hear " his main outlet founded on sales of DIAZAPAM..".  - it was!!)

They - that lot (whoop whoop i met 65 year old  London arty lady yesterday she very familiar with here - dad dying nearby ..)
Her:  " Foulmouth..... its just like South Ken..."
Moi: " a truth teller i LOVE you....true love gizza hug.!!!...i would say same of Hay-on-Wye, then Presteigne 10 or more years ago...sort of Kew as it was 20 years ago...a mix of Primrose hill... a spotted dick of Hackney...awful.. lethal..utterly two dimensional too...and all actors...bad ones though i saw through them long ago...
" but theyre also too thick to actually see...what you alone can see....careful though... they WON.... only a fool knows when she is in a minority of one to say it all out loud.." 

THE END not quite