Tuesday 22 August 2023

Dear Estelle

 you listen to the talk with suzi today...

your dad is not a cynic.

i was in my 20s, even part onto my 30s effete and cared only for my own humble aside unengaged hidden away simple bucolic  comfort in my beloved hills ...aside

but i learned not to be me

was forced to...

take stuff seriously

there are few things worth saying except this land cannot even throw up as good a speaker as Sachs here..  

we used to be able to...no more i only hear silly lost children on uk alt media....

its not the fault of politicians or power its simply an infantalised sybarite  decedant wave of faux bohemianism lite  and lost morally confused kiddults....( WE were proper bohemians with warrior spirits in my youth)

and to have been fooled into encouaraging half a million to fight and die in central europe...is sick

a thousand Urainians a day Sachs now reports die or seriously maimed

the few of us with a brain knew on day 1.... sue for compromise and peace

this was always a mad rambo insanity

and in yugoslav wars at least we had UN blue helmet peacekeepers...

they gave us hope

cynicism from the clever class as good as squashed that one simplest neutral hopeful symbolic solution...those blue helmets

when i saw blue helmets in the wartorn steets of Sarajevo which so saddened us...at least we felt there was some possible sanity just may prevail via the now ruined UN....cynicism and being too clever....whilst extraordinarily ignorant....from Brits more than anyone else....ruined it all

and today


all exactly as John Pilger and Tariq Ali have been saying for years