Friday 18 August 2023

 bravery, good for me, define: walking through, yestereve, a gatheration

[ manic dog... barking,they chime my hat.." she is a hattophobe"..from 20 m away]

" i saw your dogs 100m away and as i am countyman i sussed theyre ok...please dont bore me showing off... openi g uour gob to share only innane thing you can tjink of to make younlook good..i can see things here are not good

"so what do we have gere a gathering to...train dogs  .?

" please... ive had dozens of animals over the years... i abused my daughter making her share her bed with several ferrits from about age 2....  regularly

" right...sorry...[ outnumbered about 10 of em...most with huge bums could flatten me at one wrong vibe from me..]... see these limp wrists..let me shake em limply.. . see..limpy wrists....loose...danglin in the wind.... strange fruit.... thats what your dogs respond to, no one any more can even think much controlly stasi crufts kn your telly making those arses so fat... every little vibe they pick up thats what they ARE evolved to.. almost mind read [ verbatim minus one obvious over tge lineism]

" they know intuitively  who you....

" Be....

" please do listen a bit...ive been watchin this a year now....  let a dog be a dog.... not your version of it....and a dog needs to know theres no prob !!!and it knows this BODILY...  if it FEELS a prob is there, then it goes wonky... and it intuits from YOUR body and all themix that's you ....

 "lesson 1... limp wrists...obviously i am wordpicturing you for shortcut eldering reasons .but.... it works!"

it worked


no fun though always being only voice, even if delivery so good these days not even a small shard of broken glass jabbed in my back... and i heard applause!