Tuesday 8 August 2023




being they have clickbait


... for the right reasons.

even if some gaps from last 6 weeks to infill - every single one i have forefront of my not sick mind.

when wimmin were...honest and unlike the " million views whoop whoop" garbage on Front Row last night 

Had real minds

they changed mine

please note...ditty

its not tom toms and kaftans will save the seals confected garbage... and musac dressed up in Cl***'s 150 quid gren felted perfect nymph cosies....so we KNOW theyre saving the seals... because thats what every word of their dull repertoire tells us so it must be true....

its real art...not created to seem seal saviourish.... its wild, and real...before the new age of telling the listener who the singer is...

errata, lying.....about

i had no idea what point they were trying to con me into believing,  them Roches. but i knew it was true genius, life itself...and somehow...WORKED

shame theyre not still extant... they would know.. " a ditty inspired by poor Nan Goldin girls?!...hmmm... and we will get Queen Joss to pay for the remedy.... hmmm howzabout....

off cuff

 'Nan Nan ....

sorry we can.... 

change our habits by

changing our mind

out of bad ways not by blaming the nags for their ways

and needing horsey tranq

( Hay full of as much of that as hay)

to help us hobble back from the bank

with a gammy knee

that babking never made us happy so give up being Nan

and...maybe go help some kid if you can

or even and old smelly man

spare the time from suing the maker

 yep so who makes ketamine, we cant sue the nags for popularising it...

... well they sold it in Hay

maybe we can blame it on the grass   

and sue mother earth.... 

or the sunshone!

a work in progress

Nan ensured no addict will