Monday 7 August 2023

i caused more harm than good

my cage... but still ...paradise at sunup today

every day a new one

you can Be anyone...

 Please... all metaphysical, guru,  shaman, energy, lifecoach, general thoughful modern people, community pretenders,  twats who preach 'festival', all such modern practitioners or thinkers...... ponder.

i have. I did.

Are you zealot? Are you doing real good? 

Sadly i know all are only zealot.

As was i..... inadvertantly.

I did much more harm in society, probably, than good in the medium term, by a major cultural change i alone initiated.  

That ALL commentariat and activists and senior journalsits,  and most  politicians welcomed  over 7 or 8 years as only good. only good.... they still do...

  I alone know,  alone, likely in fact it was a seriously problematical step... and inadvertantly i caused more societal real the NOW....

that affects them negatively, now, no one else..i am the cause.

careful what you preach....

included  in audio ..the true anti woman contempt,  of your feminazi minister Harmon to my daughter in person

ooos its becoming an audio book oh well...

now, really, its time to get only to pupose... how to keep this middle aged carcass in as good a bodily nick as posdible long as possible... bouncing around as good lifeforce as possible.... always

even knowing i was an inadvertant figurative ly speaking, death camp guard. .but for real...this is no skit....


me evil zealot...on nett effect:

next episode now called chapters

 chapter 7

and watch a brief situational shot

not uploades til 915

and  now .... of late...trying to reach one ..( target audience ) . browser...and failing...

 means a lot less of my routine walking.... than is good for me...

so the real me needs to stop a while... because no good words are worth a life less  healthy

especially when all mine always fail..

so Be