Monday 21 August 2023

Last 'chapter'

WHY?...almost 'stand alone' summary.. WHY "UK SHOULD BE IN THE HAGUE....before Serbia ...." 

But being a racist classist pig i always forget the poor whitey lower class  sufferers at the hand of the Brits... Those Irish.. 'The Troubles' unquestionably (I dont tell people my past ... like hardly ever but the silliness of their google... you dont get on the same webpage as McPhilemy

unless you have fought ALL the way  AGAINST the 'establishment'  - why James Price logged the case there as he was ultimate anti-establishment REPUTATIONAL anti-Manager

and it was in fact important... 

tho ancient hist.....  i wasted most of my later  40s..all my  50s... no one was WORTH it...

sorry, fact

Purpose book 3 chapter 5. Truth of uk living on blood money etc..Herefordshire, Hay-on-Wye, and other counties

BUT SO SO SO ...much missed out

a world record FIX it day the side of The Ceek