Monday 28 August 2023


 Having seen the end of the odyssey.

Her picture, all spiraling - the end of a road, into a turbulent place, indeed that is all it ever was.

Twenty years.


Finding a quiet place in the hills.

Quiet. Except the noise of nature - necessary noise from the calling fox, or victim rabbit her last cry. But even above the "bird" noise, there is an elevation above which not many birds fly and thus even little dawn chorus.

Quiet.  But the younger man a mile away he must make his party noise.

August bank holiday always his look-at-me weekend.

Keep away from his noise.

Seven years on coming down from the hills - maybe it is better to be a little closer to "community"?

And all one has for 13 years is noise.

Wandering a quay yestereve  - a weekend evening,  holiday getaway "ogggiii oggiii oggiiii  !!" why?


Twenty years nothing ever to do with sport, motors except the quiet necessity of meandering at 50 mph max.

NEVER faster.

Music only in the headphones.

No noisy animals - its not fair on others to have barking dog.

Power tools - rarely... only when hand tools really cannot cope...

Twenty years more than anything else setting the example of a life with as little noise as possible.

Being at 'peace' almost  a pretentious word  in the world of fake gurus preaching noisily.

But 'quiet' -  I am proud of quiet. Categorically adding as little noise to the world as possible. No noise... absolutely minimal noise.

But then I know it is assumed.

men,, people... no one values any more that one CAN be quiet. Life can be quiet.

And all assume that one needs to  be noisy, too. 

One does not eschew the motor car for quite a few years, nor wander the hills for quite a few years, nor seek to live pretty much aside for most of the time, unless one really does value quiet.

But i don't think ANYone can ever actually understand such a  thing any more.

And worst of all - looking after patches of land, growing things...fixing...

It is not a case of hipster show-off turning 'green' wood at village fetes for tourist trinkets; most things, and most lad jobs can be done by hand - ore efficiently. The power tools break, the power supplies may be intermittent. 

Doing most of it by hand  - the hand scythe... is often more efficient. 

Never mind schisming from the interminable neurotic need every single person i ever meet in this truly sick land seems to have to make noise...

I have to make noise to state .... being very quiet 99% of the time  means you have the time to enjoy the one remedy above all that works: quiet.

And a rational person knows that so much of their noise is completely unnecessary. 

The man... (this is no 'man') who must wake his neighbours at dawn with an electric air pump to get himself to work....

When a manual footpump would do the job just as easily, with no noise...

Is just the child who must make noise crying out ....look at me

In fact is really all my 20 years landloping on and off  showed me

But the truest truth   - all this noise... it has also destroyed relationships - is why so many women even if they wont admit it cower.. want to hide... as it is assumed by any woman.... that one is internally set to their setting of lots of noise, and ask any farmer noise causes stress is a stress...inevitably leads to angst... 

All i have seen twenty years mainly aside in various rural lands is stupid and inadequate incoming men who arrive there and seem to need to make as much machine-noise as possible.. their pathetic little egos bolstered by: I am a man who  could afford some land in the rural lands ... therefore i make noise....

But just as bad the incoming women seem to think that is how it must be - assume thats how we all Became...

Nope... in fact getting by in rural fringe places, not on Southern money, is about conservation of energy. Energy costs money. Noise takes energy to create. Real ...quiet.

Camps, even communes, boatyards  never mind seaside playgrounds simply filled up with child-men who can only prove themeselves to themselves by making noise...." i make noise, therefore i am !!" 

I know is the actual definition of absurd latter day humanity... but no one has the noisy balls to say so.