Thursday 24 August 2023

Now..... journals... chronicles

 This day and age one has to have a smattering of multi 'meedia'...

And i do think true 'truth' is tremendously good for people - never mind the actual key to 'mental health' - the truest authentic self.

(MANY George Borrow type random chats with so many the last 18 months  - all chronicled....  and mainly women, all state "utter Wasteland of 'mental health'.."... its not gonna get better folks!! ... the few wiser ones chime when i state " but i dont think most know any more they are ultra lost and in The Wasteland littered with shards of broken glass from their vandalised  hall of broken [ self harmed] vandalised mirrors.." and i do believe this is so - hence they wont even know when they are munching human flesh when their version of the life they need : Cormac's awful The Road...comes true - be that literally or fact it seems to me many dont know the difference between those two words any more)

In short...for now, i have many other snippets to add in artful effects - last night out recording the audio of the truly evil inhuman extremist content added by the military - second night running huge army helicopters over centre of a town - real centre not fields off yonder... of 10,000 ... for many hours until 1 or 2 am...

in holiday season in holiday area!

And then the photos a few days

Because i like chronicling if there is no conceivable way anyone could ever be new and even say anything inteligent

Of a few most inteligent things i ever heard " i dont ever watch horror films" - i know THAT was true..

Myself...That Shining came on the tv.... all the other cool sybarite bohos swore by it...i just knew from 10 mins in...never... nope, not rtight, not for me or anyone, and this will NOT end well...

40 years of violent shit tv, worst parenting on the planet in UK... alcoholics and  ordinary parents unable to cherish EVERY second of their childs life...

you reap what you sow.

I was never part of one second of that.

And i know what i know...IS the 'line' - there are simple lines in life and 99% of parents i knew well crossed it with their kids...

I am not British

Disowned UK years ago

And its NOT anything like as bad as this in much of the EU

Thats not dreamy grass is greener - thats from being in touch with many EU peeps old friends and many new encounters