Saturday 12 August 2023


Now... this is what you call Mister Organised; when the kairos really kicks in.

Balance.. positioning with perfection to harvest every loose energy wave of wifi... thieve every way.

Not that it matters because at last we have a temporary film camerawoman... en... .


in fact

Mum and lass.

But there is a sequence, and for every few giggabytes on the deivice a couple must be sent off - up to that cloud... .


Something NO teacher or parent seems ever to have been inculcate the kids with ever in this bizzare now society...

Well the future, just tomorrow may be a hell of a lot less angsty if you havent lost your work..

Or even my work my Powys college IT teacher employee lost... so many days hard work cataloguing books on my dime... she didn't even back up, the teacher of it..IT  'it'... so 

not surprising no one values anything if they have ben taught to lose everything....

not me, the method teaching - just being ALWAYS in ones habits... is a method that works and means i never have any stress.

Even if dull boring rote to maintain the habits...

That mean in this weird land you never know whom may attack even a sweet hedghogalogue journey man and his.. stories, 

so back the bugger up


And then splurge the last splurge

Even if it takes all night; thus have a nap first.

For the last night on the job ever