Sunday 20 August 2023

on the beer

even if 100% end of this chapter.

Dont come back here...

( its that " in the off season the  nice 'locals' come buy.... blessem..." i heard 3 days ago from van woman friend. i was riffing with.  patronising crap ....there are no 'locals' ...and few walkers......just endless stuck people mainly women figuring how they too exploit the rich south easteners  visitor money without being seen to be actually whoring after the tourist  loot....inauthenticity hurts.. hence they dont come out....hardly ever properly walk ( i have ascertained) as theyre so unhaply.... me happy i love the most false societies,  here doesnt have to pretend to be part of anything....that could never slow down and just Be. . .. )

but talk about too late to the trough!

the anti- kairos

i never realised the beerhouse wifi was this good parked out front!!

20mb up in the blink of an eye!

listening dawn

 to what no one else can


after having done a bit of Mister Bean....

traffic cones

are for 


someones problem... turned into my several days of gorgeous no traffic, free oarking space, parkup right on the best people watching spot of all

i seen enough, forever...