Saturday 5 August 2023

oops... the big one

 i forgit the punch line = how much i care.

If anyone wishes to be very very English and....tell tales

to the Guardian... they hate all men or even better The Sun it still going?

on the charge sheet: you hereby did  actually harass said  complainant by sending her!

surely that's a world record. No angles no ' context' addon offense jokes about polish stoneage womb monitoring lore...with bag of money. nooe just a babk trabfer of simple not very

man 2 1/2 years ONLY on Gov sick pay.... had paid said victim  he evilly victimised, about  £750  cash ..maybe 8 ..900 ..all in person in Bolivia... it easnt spat on...

 then trickles  a few hundred more as he can the next few months when back home... over xmas.... few weeks later said complainant havibg told the man no dosh left after her travels and no work..  

not a word...not a no thanks or thanks...just send over a bit

but a .... tyrranous torture by dint of quasi fascist  behaviour, we....yes do it! could make a whole Monty Python film about it

right to the Scot now...

sge canr get me fonw fir malicious communication as she already been poetically told"  those crutches..labels adhd and sufferer if fascist state in justice...just inwords... dont bloody bug me until you're ready to have me make  extremely offensive jokes about every single letter of your a dee and h dee... 

and i shall not even charge tou for the...remedy