Tuesday 8 August 2023

'site guide'

 its not one.

its a part socratic wank ( i starred as him in school play age about 12 so i know my soccers)  part hedgehogalogue... definate  rival to Homer, with cutting edge common sense about all the bullshit in 'alternative media' especially intelectual pipsqueeks Rubin, Peterson,  etc... ( nuke essays soon,  i rit 2 years ago about especially sad Jordan) 

oart Proust...i woyld like time free to be more Proustish...i can be.

 plus... the hard bit... there is an accompanying sort of dialog with another most valued human..only one i do ..oops did........

 and the actual ... well he is funnier than Stuart self pitying Lee

pkus a load of emails so 'terrible' its daft my beloved Belgian rated..

all maybe one day i may weave together ( the me and brown bugger books that can come from  us bashing each other to bits with 3 years of ultra offence by jabbery text ...are better than Spike Milligan) ...maybe even at  Peter Cooke level of modernising it... meaning all of tge nadness of postmodernism and post sanity can be felt in our ruthless wordplay... that caused ' love'. .

but unlike anyone else in uk i do not have narcissism and i try to write to the non compliant number 1 valued woman who is not first language english  in a way a not first lang english would find understandable.. always...

i have emlathy...and take great care...as i was 30 years world gypsy 

knowing USA fascism rules the world i also communicate in a way most yanx would get....i am v careful with my words...various yanx deeply important to me in 20s  ..

you ate equal humans too, in fact tbese days maybe with less wobbly bums than the average here... well fone!

so.... be patient... the audio starts maybe its about 6 weeks ago they started prior substack  

i will have yo xatalogue and label but i enjoy just being in the moment no plan except to stop as no one can read in uk any more especially when chummy idiot publushers started to pump out only death dead self pitying crap ( except ....how to kill your family ....she wanted her dad dead !!! wow..as good as your Dont Look Up...but no one gets her! )

it really is set up to be intelligable to the average fairly cosmo minded  yank...

 and a goddess superbrain'  doctor'  one ... it would take time but you will certainly get it...