Sunday 6 August 2023

 now..... person, only

knows what the score here.

And right on cue....



in rhe making

next gen...public sweet little park


his drugsmell disturbs my perfect place

smell... authentic, for one only, define, next

but wow out of the blue! i trust her... a ranty writer woman..

she has been.... no more timewasting, thar i have learned....TESTED... ultra tested

bless her, she needs her decompression time too.. get her sleep sorted

but i know when i see and hear ultra sharp funny words of..subversion!!

better than mine

she can do it with just two

and talk about bliss.. " we should write together"

tbing is, the 'training' my ( listen to broacast series...mine)

self pity, clever terms like" narcissism"  one even gets accused  of for being these poor women who never really 'warrior"

as it starts on your own doorstep.... ask a bbqd muslim from sarajevo... 

tin foil hat, blaming bill gates or someone else...

all failed

only Monty Python kindof won a bit....

or That Was The Week... that was

And all we have is Ed...Reardon..he would quip " any Brit girl calls themselves 'empath'.. [ add in cur

tting quip later] ... cant even see between the lines to read whats always been there since power was invented... forever ago.."

so... a true warrior babe, sultry as hell, minor wonkiness due all that static...

a few weeks at the sea... maybe get her bealthy

then watch out cruel world, an actual companera. .. 

she will Be Beppe before she knows what day it is....

i know how to and her so she .is

And have one ally i can rely on....  who gets 'it'...all thus far i rit..

she wont aid me, or Bilbo.... 

i dont wisg

but she will aid a true funny warrior woman... wirh about 10 axes to grind...

and such a sharp mind...despite the...????

my wield keeps changing and i want NOTHING....

what a curious magical kingdom this .is

may Be...