Tuesday 8 August 2023

SUBSTACK peeps prob unable to 'listen' ..poisoned by her Tolles..ONE REGRET

 as didnt even plan to  start audio series

til i just turned it on and started waffling week back

but it starts a few weeks prior to substack purpose episode 1,  in earlier audios  linked via these sequential pages ... my links to audios in google drive filestore

the themes of late start in those audios from about 6 weeks ago... prior to starting substack

i will sort it out sometime...meanwhile there are  hedgehogs to  somehow make a lead for... much more important than people who can neither read, nor listen ( some who were ex friends i put so much into...for years) never mind figure 

the unsaid ...unsayable ..in the lacuna....

lacunae even

theres a ferkin everest sized unsaid,  or two....

at the moment