Saturday 26 August 2023

The Biscuit prize

 Now even if no way is it ever worth bothering

( no interest, decades ago i did all my sorrow, real sorrow: " what is this thing.... 

" i had no idea

" even here...

"[as tessa cunningham and several other senior domestic issues journalists  fron national rags chimed with me a few years person to person] ... tge many women lying authorities... under oath...  most men wouldnt dream of ....  holocaust of it].... the lies sad i am for them, lies damage the liar over time more than even the truly extremely  hurt liee....never mind destroy hope of real equalty.... dodgy deeds never work to cause fullest permanent change...."

there should be a bisxuit prize - as in takes the biscuit

as one day i begin oroperly my AC Grayling philosophically approved green people memoir that year, 2018  face to face " well  if it is the sad real truth.... they are a disater... if you can roll out your rambling among the greens  memoirs  no matter how hurtful a the next gen know the truth.. therein is what civilisation has always build ..better... " even if in this case just a few encironmentally aware and all aware of all eco costs... and failings such as two per woodburner

... etc... as foundation i am not sure there are any?

but then....the boobies

taking that biscuit.... a year... 100s if fakebook messages... 

off to see at least 25 year truly chronic spliffer senior nurse Smith at Countess  of Chester

none if my business if someone is so stoned tbey may not be 'aware' of all her oatients...and coworkers.... needs or foibles...

 but its a few months later

a year into the new rekindled teen friendship 

( " i love otters so much both my lads are named from otter stories" )

" di youre all i have left...all cunts and dangerous my way...not one can be trusted to keep very quiet... these two otters in the lakes of Sheepwalk above Kington in hills.. ...please!! ...i am up every dawn stalkin em in cold rain November mizzle...... ever hour counts...i know for fact thyre gonna be killed....theyre shy ive seen em in the lake twice

once very nearby

..if i can get some  film i can prove  to conservation money and  patronage just maybe i can get noney to fence and omlrotect them....

look your dad burried 3 mikes away your annual pilgremage to his woodland  eco plot...

cant you plot a course after work one day 

2 hrs away!

just a bit of help...

any day theyll be found and killed...

sports fish kess than 2 km away...and i have had a hint.and otters are so easy to track ...

a few hours here at dawn..... you love otters

or so you 


to everyone on

fakebook... even i laughed at one of your otter memes"

suffice to say

my message 

she has nothing to say

never mind


a woman known 37 years.... much shared

 " community" several years of mine young adulthood

i shouldv given up


waste of time other than true divine