Thursday 31 August 2023

The cult...ssss...

 A grande finale only for La Grande Belazza

Before the winter

To add to later...maybe


But that's really the word - cults, but what kind of cults?

Really just of rather shabby service providing...

And if they know you aren't part of their shabby new age performance....

God they hate you... every one for years will if one ever miss uses the word 'hate' state

"thats a strong word"

And you tell them "short cut word for disdain, and pity for having NO ZEN"

And they really do hate you


The past week of


despite them

"if i drop dead  quietly helping keep some grass at bay...QUIETLY!!! please remember one thing only... find my old sickle - one most treasured possession - handed to me by Ralph the old countryman fourty years ago..... please make sure it goes into the hands of my lass..."

 The amount of times i have said that the last decade....and not one remembered
too busy being the cult of them i guess

But why did she keep popping up on the holiday weekend ?

Funny that they always notice the expensive blanket....

NOPE... no alcohol

ALL can be cleaned ...if one has the time

The time... 25 years ago... this in first use

ahead of the game means every last bit of electricity

I can't help it is it seems daddy issues all over... 

all full :-)

ready for the winter

fixing time

it wont even be used...

The story behind this...but i saw her May...hobbling