Thursday 10 August 2023

the " DANCE" the "BODILY".....

 .... THE problem

(though any new visitors this almost summary for...maybe something next.. star at beginning..4 or 5 months ago)

One of so many so so chummy collaborators.... wasted so many hours via her messages over 3 years....

SHE wanted help (with her 10 year old as she transited to van life 2 years ago.. all Kington 'bullying' her - her words...)

But we don't identify the sad problem... even if enough money to run around in an Audi sports car...

But the amount of time she has wasted he last year ... "GREAT yes we will rendezvous I WANT that film on the bodily dance of super simple van life for my lad too..."

 If even the vanlopers cannot ever any more be trusted (as there was a code)

The soma munching Telettubies won...and you all simply inhabit a slippery ballroom floor patinated with a layer of their...vomit

Especially in 'literature'

WHY KARL OVE DID NOT 'STRUGGLE' nor get what a struggle 

And the worst series in history i ploughed through...loyally to "this is great" it aint

And which bits of it  a struggle to write and film a NONstruggle...- the real version, to share for other folk's ..good..


mess for now..

soon to be finessed

forgot to finish sentence... strong sunlight on a phone in windscreen of course sends it a bit wonky.

no time to even see if this one loaded onto here ..the kindof important bodily point....THE BODY
and collaborators...IM bloody  possible... even when THEY say hey want o do a job... sharing real simple life with others...CROSS HER OFF THE CONACTS FOREVER!!!!!

None of them ever existed as none even her were...human