Saturday 5 August 2023

The Hedge Fund...

 Now, yesteraft...Sarah..i trust her - six kids.... the full monty chat on, he steps by the very very rude person's establishment.... lingering:

  " a born and bred so smiley ....hark why? ......yes but...i see you have a fine butt...  please.... i am so mountain goat its daft.... walking the high hills of Herrock lands for years...once with a woman i thought the great white hope.... she only took one call from her husband during our so lovely landlope up there...

" what is said on he hill stays on the hill...but such things she so gorgeously said to a relative stranger are the only hope... and for days i was wandering around with thoughtbubbles ' has happened in this land... ' ...anyway my joints never ever even slightly ached... but these hard pathways...  Richie just today lets the cat out of the bag more 'private'....and anyway youve no idea in the UK if one of hose kids even may turn and hard that yer in the slammer...never mind ordinary 'crises' he bossocracy now love so they can be bolshie, or rather Nazi in fact... ... in the surgeries and other 'public spaces'.... "

fast forward five mins

 "yes metoo.. bloody hips only 51 years old feel like an old witchie thing....  if i walk them... i shall LISTEN ..and comply..."

"please... do for your own sake i almost cry for hem seeing hem jok with power shoes power kit power everything....  in denial of what we have known forever...and that hings may change and they may age 40 have o wait forever for a new hip..."

( total laughing meaning what she said time to add in other details such as her even taking off her sunglasses during he chatty flirty riff..)


" ohhh poor you...i've lived here and a  decade... over that side another.... the mind pollution down there ... my circle we can hardly mention the word Gwerk without feeling ill.... "

I get it dotcom

Confirmation, if it were's not her fault... but all psychogeography can be remedied if...

("sarah.... well you tell your cousin.... never mind the excruciating delight...look just watch..i don't understand that it only got worse this winter ...happiest winter for years... bu it's like as soon as we were in touch properly it mysteriously seemed to return...i don't mind..maybe its symbolic of wanting to go back to the beginning and star life properly...i did affect me considerably age 16 for a year... but that was a one off i am glad of... so yes when i pick a scab its the most mindful zen lovely thing here is -the ultimate sit and stare and enjoy a bit of ringworm tidying up.... but tell him, just occasionally in life i have had it on my scrotum.... believe me, scratchin it down here its like  having sex with a bowl of ecstacy tablets that work ....and actually enhance he sexual moment of orgasmatron in such a way  you would want to bottle it and dip your nose in ...addictively...")

which is a reminder i must do at last the what is authenticity. Its a bit like the above. Encountering he truest level of desire i know...have known all my life. Monday before last, in the post office queue, would i go with that?...follow that pathway... or one  which is based around a true intellectual whom at least understands some of the ringworm  that is UK-should-be-in-the-Hague..

And i didn't even have to linger 5 seconds... i know what authenticity is...when it even Trumps that lifelong obsessed over ...aroma... the most 'bodily' embodied thing of all...hat of course triggers memory.. the best of them all.


meanwhile i realise truly 'let go' - it being time to share the most sadly tragic headfuckery in a bit of video sharing..

It's great. We should write or attempt to express everything.. the real version... and once that very last hurdle  - wait for it later, is kicked over... 

As i said "nothing is important" .. except everything can be gotten over

except at the moment the expense of its bloody gobbling everything as if its a wolf in hedgehog skin clothing