Saturday 12 August 2023

'THe' ..Sublime..


Naturally, there are other onionlayers... you are only seeing and hearing one.

( he hedgehogalogue had face to face fabulous assistants this morn..on the wild cliffedge... and has a final name... from them) neigh  a full 'multi-media event'.. many dimensions indeed. Which is the ultimate performance of absurdist realism or surrealism art 

as in real life i don't believe any screen can ever truly reach the heart. So why bother... ? WHo knows the answer (at the very least i shall get back to HER -the Jordanian runner's question "why"?..i am aware of all tangents cut short by diversion back to the main job... and i care equally about he tangents, too... making sense some day)

But when i make a hilarious renamimg mistake like that ... second in a fortnight, symbolises, that, enough for now.  Rebranding time...

Which may take a little time.

There is a see quence...