Thursday 10 August 2023

what a prejudiced racist cunt i am

 i always prejudicially  subconsciously filter out the other god  and forget he exists.... still.... even unvaxed hahh hahhh....

as we did in one ever spoke of the bombs blowin up in streets of London... hardly ever a word.... it still astonishrs me...

cos no privo arts student or middle class Brit, even the most 'right on',  ever wanted to think of why the likely chip-fat smelling ... working  or  lower...lower! middle class Micks may even be having a huff

and closing the tube every other day in the 80s.... a total complete pandemic of permanent 'denial'...  quite astonishing 

never mind  THE great real 'writer' who so brilliantly did not tell anyone what to think in the perfect no idea what he thought next