Saturday 26 August 2023

' wild swimming'

 ... gorgeous example of...

dawn today

So go to....

 probably any South West 

coastal town.

Groups of... only 

women gather 

even early on in the day

To perform.

Jumping in the sea

their gaggles dunkin and palyin happily

walrusses or svelte," look at me"

wonderful modern healthy



Tough, braving all elements.



( no men, so gaggle)

So why cannot such tough rugged all weather swimming, performing   

Ever ever come and help us blokes 

rugged all weather  work in the land?

Or saving the raw materials

Make em one day a cheap shed.

Never mind save the wood 'n stuff for 

Maybe even the next generation, they say they love.

I know why the stats say 

( and prozac scrips confirm)

(i care! the work sets you free to be actually


all their problems, cause metoo to be lonely)

so many, officially, sick in the head.

****** own ' simple life' in fact.... because of 30 years of knowing not one ever will...actually LIVE, to simplest life rules... save what you can, reuse.... rebuild, fix.. .

nope no hope never mind why one gets bankrupted... and has no choice