Saturday 2 September 2023

Not a waste of a year. My year...

It's always that old Black Swan, 'effect':

One never knows how one will be.... mind/ bodily respond, to an event / change, until one jumps into the muddy swamp and it  becomes, a new fact, of the past, as it is only the past once we jump. Jumping over the cliff without a parachute, far better metaphor - no way back, no hesitation, one way ticket.....

And they are neither simple, complex, worrying, or risky, once they are done. They just are what you are, next. And what you are next never ever coincides with what you feel before the event will be due to the effect  on ones 'feelings', after the event. Talebs great book clarifies after the event feelings are unknowable.

After an event you just are.....different ... maybe good-different, in fact far more often  so than bad-different.

Better out than in, always... not a cliche, a simple truth.

And although in modern Britain ruled by frankly shabby ham psychologists who turned themselves into Facebook Queens, gurus, life coaches...  never mind the real issue - the actual qualified counsellors and shrinks....  (i have studied and explored) the risk averse method only suits them (brings back return custom). The only answer always is eventually  let it ALL out...

Even when you have become expert at not needing to...dont 'need' to.... even that is a little inner block that wastes energy  curating that last little layer of onion skin, that is needed trying to BE some important new encounter or alliance or even restarting life with best lifeforce.

My last year
Will be a real book as its many stuck curating image or their story, and in fear. 

purpose book 5, the end part 1 2nd sept

Part 2 soon


Video today

After...spilling all the beans. 
No angst.
No stress.
No backwards glance, no point.

Don't worry....Be happy....

(never used a VPN til today 😉...should have thought of that long ago....oh well... 'timing'...never been m strong suit)