Monday 25 September 2023

oops.. 'wild swimming'

 how did that happen? the

last splurge of video clips uploaded were all set to private... thus not accessible due links shown here.

i know how it happened! it was fault... no mojo really, left, to care....and do the job properly..

'wild swimming' another consumer item-word to show off with, i am quite sure vagabonds  have had to 'wildswim' to keep the lice off ever since lice and people were invented.... 

meanwhile.... hmmm.....

I have heard only one thing for many years which really grabbed at my heart, no matter what: " i left the land of my motherland language, before i had the chance to truly dance with the motherwords as expert,  and havent been here as long as the natives and dont have the depth in these adoptee words either..." 

I was reminded of this today not that i need to be...

its always in me....i wish more people would just tell their truth rather than the only ever cant and vanity

but i learned a new word that seems to be important in understanding a better way of thinking of this.... the 2 language issue day

And of course..... define magnanimity! the total sincerity i celebrated Barb's piercing  sincerest ever demand, neigh desperate need, for collaboration... to their faces.

But there serms to be one illness there never could be a vax for... the inability of anyone ever to follow up anything they....say

As of course i assumed...but i learned: act as if the obvious good right thing may happen

always. no matter what