Sunday 10 September 2023

PLEASURE ..actual fixing

 actually forgotten to insert into my earlier today audio ramble on...


10 years the pure pleasure of fixin all the stuff ...that endlessly breaks .. for a n other

but it is real..

in their word of fingerpointy little  narcissistic ( invalid word as with any otger when every one of you brainwashed its a word ..) emptiness ...nothing ever much worth hearing to say..

i have 100s of hours in the ... 2015 ish on, simple life,what is it...? videod sessions ... me fixing... i can fix most stuff.

its not just the 'simplicity' its not even achievement, its believing in yourself and not needing their consumerist lazy system so.... kindof beating it...

and when ot works out longterm...its great...

wven if the 'intermittent fault' over 20 years ago i realised had rather overtakwn almost all rwliability in anything...
maybe metaphor for
reliability ..even reliably wonky  is preferable to not knowable
yet another consumerist identity ' wow...mine is above your...knowing me....'