Monday 4 September 2023

so... hubris. .

 'self obsession'; really, and only.

"Arrogance"  is  such a horrible word...

Understanding is: ...well slowly, bit by bit ... appreciating why this  prideful self obsession.

Maybe that cannot even remember 


in the  'self' expression 

" i would like someone who is a poet" 

Me i am a simpler self who does what i am told, and takes the time to look through this summer where the poetry is at...

And now it is time to put all


Put even the little friend, aside.

All of the summer.

For all their fancy  herding, curating, pretending to be princesses of " DM me for change"

I know one thing that does not change.

And i knew it 7 or even 10 years ago - to live aside, to have a little land, to be a little off the grid,  and to kerp ones wood in ship shape be it fence or hull or animal shelter, never mind be able to afford such a life, without tapping into southern money for which the price is too high,  rural life needed two to a chimney... two sometimes to a job...  and two so as to make onevremain human...

And in my chronicles i have one or two fantastic examples of that in action, Rachel and Chris hill farmers...

And others.

But it seems for the consumerist and far too complex modern mind...overthinking all...  that is too simple a truth for anyone.

But i know it wasn't i who lost the plot. And i know the wood doesnt get dried, rot dug out, properly sealed...when a perfect drying week arrives

Everyine interested only in their 'self' and refarding their screen... rather than make something "work"

And thats why your rural life .. errata mine, got more abd more impossible and pointless years ago...

rhere is no pkeasure in sawing tge winter logs only for one. And anyone who never discovered that never discovered WHY they left the city....

And sadly is a fool if they fail to have that story to tell  one day... as thats all we ever* were

Best book ecer read, handed to lass, symbolicly in South America, Bridges Uttermost Part of The Earth.

the first white man to be born in isolated southern  S America

LIVED much of his life with various native primitive state tribes. All of them had a general tendency towards the male and female living together as a unit... for all sorts if reasons especially of alliance and mutual support against any  negative tendancies arisung in the the tribe community 

But no....  modern neurotics have got to ... well self regard, in the broken glas, even if the mirror was wonky before they even dropped it ... as they had no one to hold it steady with them rehanging it over...the