Friday 8 September 2023

So what is my 'philosophy'

(no plug giving time to detypo... no library this whole region has the humanity to ask for quiet and thus all are unusable   - and i am not fussy - ....95% of churches   so mean they are locked all day so no free eleccy.... anyway its time to DO some better 'art'... but you need the synergy of some other around who may at least get it a bit - and MEAN what she says, seemingly impossible... so i probably never will)  

Having quipped.

DIRECT ... answer to a question not quite asked. 

I do not use my jottings for any specific purpose other than there is only one person on the planet i wish to indeed  have that essential only important 'accommodation' with - you have to 'believe' only in one person foremost. And it isn't ones child....

In fact even if top of (maybe better q) manifesto

Believe in one person most of all. And despite radio 4chan propaganda,  for 96.5% of us according to census, that will be of someone off the other (not opposite) sex. There are only two.

And first equal on the list, as well as  believing in a physical one, and art, we should ALL be directed into philosophy. Maybe much hard a discipline.

But 'philosophy' even fancy words like manifesto, maybe better put: rules that are true.

One of the absolute trannies of the age has become this 'every child is different; every person has their own unique  experience which always leads them to  be their own unique one person who will always behave differently and need a different response to any  event or environment.

Utter evil bollocks put about by lazy women. In fact one could even pinpoint this as arising in Steiner School teacher types about 15 years ago. 

Fact of Steiner School teacher types, from a  personal little survey begun around 2004. They are REALLY crap in bed. It would be more exciting to be in bed with a mental patient on extremely strong anti psychotics,.

A recent extremely interesting legal 'case' - poor Pep made mad and sad by years of an evil English renaissance man dad...and dodgy mum.  And then all those awful ex private school boys who now DEMAND you are only equal to them if you take psychedelics. Referred to obliquely here in May.  

Pep 10 years in India: " tell me what are Indian womens' attitudes to sex...all this true woman man sort of pure complementariness?"

" We followed Shakti.... Shakti she knew  in life she was the lifeforce, but when it comes to the sac its the the sac, bend over, keep VERY still....and he alone does the thrusting.. and i can only really enjoy it that way, too"


" well i am not condoning such an attitude to making love.... but thank you love i have learned from you something ATUALLY interesting about the Indian 'culture' George Harrison didnt bother telling us...nor all these awful fake Shaktis who invaded the Marches from 15 ish years ago... many theme park guide books i have read about India ...and i do believe you have shared with me the ONLY interesting factoid i have ever heard... not that i care i like to go to REAL societies unperverted by sucking whitey's white one like Bolivia.."

Back to the Steiner types and of COURSE there will always be the exception..

This notion of each person lahh di dahh...

Each second with each child of the world is the most important second that ever was. And will be.   Fact.

But this were all different is the laziest load of nonsense ever. essentially it is deferring all responsibility to the sky fairies - ie being lazy. Just like said teacher types are in the sac.  Especially when it comes to actually summoning the energy to express any panting or desire noises. Or enjoyment.

Take law  just as probably a bad example. It is based on the fact that 99.9999% of people really dont like being beaten up badly. And 99.9999% will suffer subsequent fears and  even nightmares of the event recurring. 99.99999% of kids will register their actions matter if after an action they receive a sweetie if it is made clear action=sweetie

Explain, as no fattie steiner type would dare  - have it in the 'culture' - the language in use, the stories, " this really really awful thing that has happened to you... when really terrible things happen to us they nevertheless always in the end deepen us and have some REAL benefit in our REAL growth not the made up version we may tell questionnaires or school teachers...  ALWAYS..."  And 99.99999% of kids i bet when awful things happen may jst have it in mind exactly this fact... that eventually some good will come.

And ths not as seems to now be the case only ever think of themselves as 'victim' and forever bore the world to death with endless 4chan slots as 'victim' of... and in the process do themselves no conceivable real actual GOOD... or have the mental space to be aware of the reality of that GOOD nett effect of bad cruel or mad events...

These are universal huma traits that plenty of cultures have found apply...  most ofthe time. But now the fattie b-i-b amazing new perfect 'child-centred' teacher type minds that started all this....know better 

Did they even try the phase of "ok what are the likely REAL universal 'rules' of being human that apply to 99.99999%  of children and then adults we can usefully put forth modernise...rather than old wives tales a fair few of which are based n perverted church and other wonky times based perception of reality" nope they just chucked it all  away ..." each child is different how dare you suggest the experience of one human may be a useful blueprint for another... you are a bad man for even thinking that."  

Which makes me think ok no 'meaning to life' but maybe just drawing up some better rules... 

Because all i know from Shannon Matthews ... bang on....fifteen years ago thats i think exactly when 'it' really started to go weird...

And thats when these supposed modern notions of ultra individualised everything came in...  and call me a silly old fool, but if you ask me it hasnt exactly..WORKED! 

Maybe thats a good idea: 

I know a range of interesting simple human 'truths'  that few people get around to - unplanned, just the way it is... weird life. 

I see simple universals many of which are counter the current approach. (one for example is that the more 'AWARE' and totally Glastonbury girl 'spiritual' and advanced fairy-soul a parent is, you could find somewhere like Gweek dotted with them... living off someone elses land as they have all the right sweetie mermaid smile characteristics... the more they state they are 'aware', come a separation or legal issue they are the very very worst fascists and  demand their ex has an exorcism before they allow the child back... they are the very last people in the universe who will EVER compromise  ever.... 

This to me is a useful universal little  reality about life that as a 'rule'  - or human advisory, maybe needs to be  promulgated... sanely. Wisely...carefully... Fundamentalism isn't only a brown thing...

To be cont

And now to sabbotage all with the last load of no idea why videos ... except i do know, i could never even find ONE reliable woman as witness wo i could ask please tell my lass about me if i die of hedgehog poisoning...

Being every single one ever seems to know so so many reasons why....not....

Not how i have lived my life and i saw through the crap of ALL humans way before anyone else i ever knew....

Funny old thing life

(in passing the HORRID parents of this area - the litter everywhere is a fucking joke....dropped industrially by all those so so 'nice' kids..... each has mummy or daddys car i see them.... gather after nice little being told how lovely they are sessions, cos mummy buys their  fruit latte from Natural Store.... and as Houellebecq found and told the world....  such mummies are a fraud... children need parenting....stories... helping not to be the most selfish  ferral beats theyve all so so sadly become...we took drugs... though only  smoked pot and never left a roach  

never mind the utter mass drug pandemic in and of itself...)


 vid still uploading may be midnight... not worth waiting for i am sure

 and the official fact that every river in this whole region is utterly ruined..... and stop laming South West water and politicians the people could have changed that... there is ALWAYS a way

But THEY...didnt

And they dont actually CARE ..or they would have. Tom Toms and surfing are the two most self indulgent kiddult activities ever invented... and any fool who thinks they ever actually ever could change anything should go and gawp at surfers all day....doing nothing