Sunday 10 September 2023

" they all waste their empty lives at absurd workshops all weekend"

 Maybe the greatest joy to hear in my ears ... winter gone. Just a dream i had i guess 

But actually being there ( here) . .

 the true poetical inspiration started 2 mths ago...

sat ( in video around then) with sick hedgehog just coming to life...

parked next to retired 'straight'est ever couple in cheesy caravan van... 

up on section of road by coast tbat gets good sunset....

me sat silently long time.... she saw when she came by and parked up  all tie dye all mindfulness workshops within her for years... climbed up on roof to perform the 60something at peace just her and 10 grand van with reinforced roof and special roofchair recliner.. sat IN the sunset...  she is sunset

i wandered a little later... she could see me a vanloper ..  her too... 

i quietly asked as i sauntered passed her " dont suppose you have a little morcel of meat or animal food on board for a sick animal coming to my kittle live in over there.. " 

( i saw her again a few times, Mrs bloody  look at me all tie dye, felt hat, and

 'community' ..[ worshops to pay for her expensive...  hippy

mural decorated  van].. )

only a sour and unfriendly..... ...lie

a lie is a lie is a lie

an hour later the  sweet unprejudiced straight  motorhome couple having loaded me up with more expensive dogfood i could have wished for in fact they insited again and again " no have more lets find a bag or something. ..."

i knew, vanfolk can tell... sunset woman was out for the night or longer..  

i didnt know in the back... until i saw her take it for a dusk walk, a dog..  

And as sure as uk dog displayers have gone wonky ( not the issue in this instance)

there will have been just as i had sweetly  asked for ( as a clearly fellow van person, too).. doggie food on board..

nothing to do with dogs vans or  quite manky  late middle aged people....

only to do with i know kne thing, in the centre of 'awareness' and workshopping the soul....

as i know full well that said scowly one will have been fully signed up to   .

they dont WORK... cos surely above anything else theyre to make you above all else.. 

Be honest!


 .. loadsa poetry been part jotted on the ( largely orivate school educated though they hide it behind some or other modernday boho mask)  English in their theme park

so so utterly dead... no life.....only cant and vanity..

one day to come, soon

but NOT place specific.... this is as theyve been 25..30 years... many places similar    ... but so interesting this year the neurotic intensity i guess in their first fully post 'pandemic' all is now open year