Sunday 8 October 2023




And fifty silly years.

As the world awaits the People o' The Book

who never read Amoz Oz's simply gorgeous little book


how many of the other


to splat...

and we can all say we arent waiting to watch it happenin' on youtube

a total failure of culture is in fact the only cause...

Forex .... even if fat women on zoom in 2020 saying choirs, hidden away in their front room singing in " communities" over an awful zoom connectio,  are the cure, rather than get the fuck out out in the sun and walk and sweat and push your body... is the best way to prevent the need for any cure, and thus were complicit in some or other 'cide'

what a wonderful cultural cure even if 2020 made me sick

of choirs 


courtesy of Something Understood....dawn today.. sat surrounded by children " surfs up": 

grown ups know, coppers once beat and tortured you....

its all cant and vanity, you can ALWAYS make friends even with those  silly genocidal  torturers....

and it did sort