Sunday 29 October 2023

helpmeet, define

Yester - in fact y3sterlife - in that i wish to not take one more photo ever and many or mine are simply aides memoirs.


Such as the simple life does a require some solutions - far more so in last region the notepads got wet the winters there so damp its daft

But the REAL.... hmmm Homeric poetry of it all - maybe one day?

Don't let the buggers grind you down.

Twenty years.... twenty whole years the plastic file used here i have carefully tended to and made sure it  is looked after - not pulled out of shape....not tangled up or twisted or roughly treated in any way 

And i have many other such carefully NOT wasted  things which if we love the planet every single one must be looked after   - and ego NEVER ever put between protecting the stuff and actually protecting the resources for the next generation (LONG ago i saw and photographed the skips -  when a couple break up the WASTE - the skipped stuff, the stuff skipped in rage even! ... being coupled and at peace is one of THE main reasons this society wastes so much  - one MUST protect the stuff of even someone one is at odds with.... ALWAYS.... i hope she used my one most precious purchase - 7 or 8 years ago i bought that - i had a double folding chair a decade for my daughter and i - it wore out and 7 years ago i ought a new one and i so s rarely buy anything new.... I kept it in my store 7 years t pass on.... maybe use? nope... maybe just pass on to ..... to BE cont....  but she wont even know the significance of that one silly item of stuff... i had not consumed myself so left it in the packaging.... and i hope she found some use for it - it is for two people committed to use...together...period. Before they start or after they finish

Anyway the STORY behind this plastic bag..... and where it was from....

This photo is nothing without that story....only then can anyone know how committed i am..

to always doing what i say.


Even if it looks like it has killed me.  

SO how do i weave in so many stories it is aft - eve if they are all only about one thing - one REAL change.... one cannot be "DM"d to advise upon...because you have to just DO it: commit; child or helpmeet. Simple.  As the humans wandering Gaza know.... only family will "watch your back" when it has a piece of UK brokered shrapnel sticking out of it...or take you to the  hospital when there are no cabs left... eve if they have to carry you there with a legblown off...

Its what love is 'for' silly Mister Tolle of course cannot simplify it into.... as he isn't real.  And hasn't lived real life. I am so glad i did..