Saturday 7 October 2023

Lingua don't assume'er....

 hmm....last time ever.

(many little films of others.... almost an art installation, all....all peering into their little screens... i hardly ever use mine and knew years ago they ruined EVERYthing..)

But arthouse film, unscripted: man sat uploading films of imself being an African maybe dying.... as close as i ever get to any pub, due leaking wifi and no way do i ever waste even a penny on data again... and text sent two days ago we get a 'delivery report'....hmmm....what does that mean?

All i know when Anne Hathaway is yet again in a movie featuring something WRONG with her.... it's really the end. Is there a movie left not featuring someone with something...wrong....with them? I want to die of there being nothing wrong with me, just to be different