Saturday 7 October 2023

Lingua Franca*

 So for two weeks - all that actually matters to me, in my head: " she should go....back.."

That is called being authentic. One day maybe my 16 page tv script will have a dream sequence or surreal several scenes.... bu that simple sentence of four words is all that matters.

I wonder if it will ever be read.....I have to write it first.  Which is as poignant as all of Gabriel Garcia Marquez put together. Maybe with a fair bit of Crjanski mixed in - if he has a sunny disposition though it doesn't sound so....more research needed. Can 'they' be of a sunny disposition? She Исидора Секулић doesn't sound much fun....

The obvious error being i never believed in any 'they'....oops didnt erase his font, too.... oh well... 

And the moral of the story is even the "intellectual" (was her smile real behind those so so dull ubiquitous sunglasses thisaft ?.....i can never bear to ever see a pair of sunglasses again...nor hone...not pair of plastic spastic walking sticks...nor 'sunhat' on a  wet July day...or lovely warm October day when the sun is so low all day even the lizards would moan theyre frigid they cannot move,  if they werent safe asleep...)
Yes "flaneur....flâneur.... dear lady...i was pondering your point last night and even a year you spent learning that word in the native lingua.... the CULTURAL history and baggage behind a word takes decades to Be.... those frogs and their god Proust a dreamlike poetical thing is far far far more intellectually accepted.... I am sure there are stream of consciousness popsongs celebrating their king of streamy consciousness, polluted or not...a stream just streams along, the very word flaneur  is used natively by a people who have no prejudice against the dreamlike stream of consciousness...indeed rather live by it within their subconscious.....  and i think in their native lingua it has actually only rather positive connotations....or  baggage if we must to use a rather dull closed english word....... no dictionary or even one year there could signpost you into.... even after thirty years as an English person most English personages dont really get much nuance of words not specifically of their own class ... just think of dinner and lunch.... flaneur is not in any way dodgy to even a nervy frog....."

Anyway less of a dream like recent Odyssey for now which one day will be set on a cocaine plantation so as to have no conceivable link with any place or person....all entirely anonymised (except for her gorgeous nose)  and set in a mythical  fairytale land far far away... up the road from the cocaine factory

oops... her alone i believe " fair dinkum matey, my naive landloping friend if you haven't been out at night 25 years ....well ... you wont know.... they all down there in Porthsewer gave up booze years ago for... cocaine... endemic matey! snort the stuff by the boatload... and its the  same everywhere else in this region.."
" it matters not to me ..really... i ignore all sunglass wearing besticked  walkers with phones out as if they dont exist...i never even greet them any more on pathways ... theirs, in my book -  the Liverpool pathway to a dull miserable end.....  and knew everyone down there ill of something so most of them dont exist for me either..... 

" but i wonder still if their drugs did her head in too.... i still dont understand...maybe she has friends who are the dealers or smugglers there must be many around... who knows i knew 40 years ago ALL drugs just hurts all sorts of innocents in the wake.... yes you and i ... that ONE hate we cannot avoid hating, that  wetoo may be thought any part of any of that.....assumed to be peddling or interacting for drug reasons... i hate every second around anyone here... hermitude time - walking the pathways....the ones that make you live, i love them now especially this new one you have shown me... ."