Sunday 29 October 2023

oops ( the GLOVES)

 ... i really do have a lot to do, as in look at 'to be continueds' and even videos to see if mistakes

have been


as in one earlier.

.... but i do ok, so many interesting images in my head for years.

And still to me unbelievable things such as pulling up there, no idea where.. i should have moored nyself, so it was only random.

A whole river shore to wander. I had expected not to find a clue

And there

She was.

Anyay all i know is ...WHY..

The  pundits i pwruse, from Ms Daum, to the occasional bit if Brett Eric and Sam ... all speak of some magical schism 2013 maybe 14   

but all they know isacademe and the  ( i increasingly realise) total performance even in Freddy Sa yers type more inteligent  'media' that should stay Unherd as rgey have bo answers, and tgars tge point: the chaos and turmoil gets them more clicks! They dont want to know why...its just a job

creation scheme.

Easier work than shelf stacking at Tesco or The Natural Store

2015 my photos start 

If i were to make one performance art imagery collection, there would be two.

One is ( well all is capable if being faked i guess i know), at least in context. Real...

From them many a day solo meandering quiet byways of The Marches, by old bicycle.

And i started to notice ( in a region with no overt pressures; 20% of tge population density of Pastylandshire, no parking issues ever, many fairly well off incomers gentrifying away.... most born n bred locals swapped their dads old shed for a 50 grand Discovery or worse years ago....   via making money off Southerners ( London officially money laundering capital of the world since about 85, good media shows this all London property money which eventually pays for Corny yoga is blood money.)..

Anyway long ago i knew that. Pilger superb on facts. Reality.

I went aside ....on fact 91...92....i acted. No more! 

( why did Croatia, almost alone deny humantarian pause at UN last night?)

Anyway, imagine a photo -  The end product. I have it somewhere but it takes power and.... winter means even less time from my old batteries.

Image: a large pile of mainly missmatched outdoor gloves 

the pile created around 2017.

From so so many finds, along the  wayside as i meandered many a kilometer  ( i use km and always will only as it is her mother tongue and that is called manners. no matter what threats i got! for many years i only heard one thing that still affects me deeply " i left before i feveloped my birth language fully such that it is up to expressing my finest mind, but not native born here, can never have fullest depth and width in this one either" ...i heard someone else speak that way a month ago and my my how deeply it affected me.... )

but thats just words and no one ever seems ablr to ever trust anyone here any more


reality: old man Ralph taught me well: a man a simple humble quiet man

( i need to return to, only, now) after doing the dirty job, digging or yanking something dirty onto a trailer on the back of a vehicle, checks around the vehicle first check he ( it should be 's/he' as many talks coming up, to be put here, on how wo/man are almost exactly the same and should be able to do all the same work together and fix the same stuff! but that seems impossible for decades... easier to get work conning folk there is 'feminine' my the industrial fakebook operations we see on that nowadays....£200  a workshop...and my my the fraud-words  )

anyway, a rural calm healthy bodymind looks around the trailer for dropped tools...or GLOVES ...or other things used when loading up...

whenEVER he gets in vehicle

and thus one could go a whole decade or even lifetime, never leaving ones workgloves on the side of the trailer or even roof of theRange Rover the 

thats WHY one may chose to drop back out and remain aside in rural idid just after 92.... Sarajevo and hurting people for no real reason and the fog of war a man i did love as real man i cared for him he seemed different.... only one i knew after Ralph... a sincere man he seem3med ...he opened up fully to me it seemed ....above their moneylulust.....but just maybe an aircraft business he played at was just maybe used to briker some weapons that killed who lnows you never know... ezcept the British so oftwn pull the purse so some sad Serb can go get yet more weaponry.....all seen and lived as true tragedy, and  was the end for me ...

leave. i am finished with all that forever.

anyway.... finding centredness peace and honesty ( about oneself best of all)  is why one moves away from large centres of people and money...

image: that pile of gloves.

from 2015 it grew and grew abd grew...

i collected them as performance art 


of 'men'  in lovely rural very near perfect army around...few militaey jets...

100s bo longer had the peace and calm to check theur trailers before  getting in the vehicle to drive on...

for gloves, tools, other things that as sure a ferrets are ferrets fall off  as one drives off ...

100s i have when 2010ish.. several years only cycling then almoat none were spied 

Qhwn rural men cannot evwn keep their  gead quierly on a job and also  think before getting into their cwhicle.... that pile of 100s of gloves high  ....and film of each one i found  over several years...

is just art,  not surreal.... butabout how everyone else here this awful isle did indeed only become surreal ..

not being surreal is 

Being what you could be for real

if you just settle down and trust, that yes the best real writers and real minds on the enlightenment  really did lead simple real rural existences.....

anstook many walka 

it works.

Cities do no one any real good.... are just transactional.  Nature is tgere to make you stop, and care...

 the real version.