Tuesday 31 October 2023

parable ..ish.

 and simple life habits ( i will never say 'lifehacks'), too keep it all shipshape at the simplest levels, which leaves time and ENERGY... for the more important things.

Even if they fail

simple habits

the parable ( or yogi teabag label aphorism if you must -  i only drink mine original simple flavour) 

The best pathway to follow, will not be show at the signpostage

( in this case cos it broke off )


simple stuff
part 1 of zillions even of i would rather write them, and i will one day, but some its better to show... slowly

But i like to weave in philosophical story things, but then...
but then
Freedom. From assumption ( those naughty phones cause and murder the soul ...except we cannot blame it on the piece of machinery.... i knew its best to divest onesself of as much machinery as possible, many years ago.... no one EVER hands back a professional license to fly machines....i did ...best decision i ever made - throw away a vocation that has no real life innit...even if subsequent far more real life, failed...)

but even on the simplifying, it is why that's interesting... the fullest version needs to be universal in a homeric whatnot...
so no one i have ever met  gets the link, as clearly their phones ruined their ability to think, read between lines... 
dream.... never mind understand a simple word such as saudade....you won't find on your awful internet: "isnt finished yet"

freedom to be authentic ... totally, and it is two way, meaning if there is np two way, future jotting and waffling, will be for no one; elsewhere..
oooooh it already is there...