Sunday 29 October 2023

So, at last i found a great poet...


And am organised...

And know where to shelter from the storm

And usually always awake well before the dawn. And that one was worthwhile, even if unintended  - no one else up of course 

And as there is nothing else left to do, except enjoy the relative warmth, time to get back to writing something up.
But what a timely reminder: Thirty years; thirty five in fact. In thirty five years my appetites,  all of 100 units of alcohol, and 20 of them one night in Bolivia - the only one with the lass.   As an 'adult'. 
Once only experimenting [sic] with mild grass. No it does not enhance your insight or creativity. Only a perfectly clear mind every dawn, always, no matter what, does that...
Twenty five years no television.  So we caught a few episodes of 'Friends'...  prior to that best ever embargo. 
A whole adult lifetime of NO PRODUCTS - except a few years in 20s  occasionally polluted into thinking a chemical smell may somehow be pleasure 
But only for five minutes.
(and i was thinking last night as i dozed off how strange the effete brother took to all that so quickly and how he personifies 40 years of vain consumerism.... in his case at the 'elite' end.. seeing him one day arrive from his America long ago the bathroom shelf stacked up with so many PRODUCTS....for a mere man..)

No refined sugar.
No ...... tattoos.
Never in my whole life watched a horror film, or played a computer game; had even one second wasted by partaking in, or watching ANY sport...

Walk 30 km a week no matter what 
Use hand tools to cut the grasses and tend to the vegetables and plants no matter what or whom...

And all grown ups knew years ago that using a small phone for messages or any other use rather than speaking is a disaster so i only ever used mine for.... well one person. Or did... still do. Meaning:
the interesting thing is mind you...

to be cont