Monday 30 October 2023

So, back...

 Three weeks: i knew it would say she had died.

Sat here, then. Three weeks back. (not opening the email; i didnt even open two emails from top of tree publishers for several months - i keep to what i say, i NEVER allow digital to interfere unless nearly a year ago, i believed in it, once...)

And she had....but so so young! (why in fact i am a 'socialist' in that the kids of the richer people so often have a far worse journey - they are people too, and they so often have long addictive non lives, into early deaths.... i know she will have even if her brother fails to have said a thing....because of CLASS) 

Three months: i still have the definition of authentic.

Note to self - no matter what! She told me she was sending chocolate biscuits by airmail to Australia. No matter how 'attractive'  - that's a redline. But it is the 'attractive' that's the 'story'...

Back two dawns, i do not take pictures of full moons. Unless .... to be cont as those subjects - how they have been stolen by the hocus pocus brigade IS the story.. 

And stories link realities. Not good be cont.

She (i had no idea i was her..)..did have  a socket after all ....but then what is the point! Even her, three hours we spoke in July... a thirteen year vanloper.... it is meant to cause honour, and propriety, but the English.... would not even know what those words are any more. 

All ended. Totally ended. All chronicles confirmed. As an act or decade of absurdist surreal arty fartiness, there is only ... reality. 

Anyway reality and asceticism, even as an 18 year person of the skies i have never owned a pair of sunglasses - the eyes the windows of the soul we knew age 16...

And the science says any interference between the light coming in and ones bodily systems, is bad...

Sundermorn,  early.... passing through...I had no idea and had not thought just how much military there would be EVERYwhere....  tough stuff for a very very thoughtful pacifist....  which is not a "cop out" ... 
All there is is finding the words between: Has anyone hit you?/ yes once/ and what did you feel and think/ i felt only pity for him, and walking away

Oh yes, even at 50p even if she so so so does the biology of " ehh ...VERY few innate differences between the fe/male brains... " And she is a senior biologist, and also a sceptical thinker (2020-1) ... her and her hubby one of very few sources of information i did to some extent trust; a page of telling people how to be at the end of each chapter, doesn'

why did that .... errata why did I fail to capture that image correctly? especially as it has dominated the last five months - the lack of it.

so, better than the original
So most things can be fixed
such that they are in fact so better than the original
( a far better fit and pressure keepin the sound in  the simple life is about knowing every smallest wave of 'energy' from light to sound to a handwritten three page letter sent via messenger via my google drive.... has a cost in use of resources... Be it but think twice...always...however the rules of the Black Swan mean we can never think of every REAL benefit and it hadnt occurred: tighter fit, need less power )

It is a shame .... things that MATTER cannot be fixed even if the older i get i realise people want it that way... two tangoing for a fix is a great thing, but nohhh...assumptions, control, fear ..... melodrama 

Not my life.

to be cont

All the way... (even Natalie has been stolen she had a brain once!....and spirit)