Sunday 8 October 2023





who would have thought....

that 'feeling'

No siobb....

owthefuck dyer spellit


no borders

No differences....

Theaft beforeday

On the cliff, a fine hillow sheltered place

Pondering when the African will join, soulmate....time to stay in the hollow and curl up

And die

( of her.?.)


in the last place ever imaginable, 

the last person ever imagined

That ...feeling

Which cuts through every other feeling ever felt

If one has time and space

But it is not the wide open space, required...

It is a rather successful pilgremage into not for one second ever allowing any uvvas bad energy or pained needs, and nutcase needs, and fighty needs and what on earth do they need, ever ever get to ..

any bit of me

It always boils down to that same question.

Nowadays i know you dont even want to know where the beach is, one question may be posed.

If you were on the Dorset sands and came upon one of the holdalls at dawn today...

Would you think of taking it in for 'safe keeping'?.... A million quid of ...

Another life.

The better life is always pure 'n simple. Questions, kill.

No questions to even pose.

Is the meaning, methinks.