Monday 6 November 2023

All day!

.... mojo returned....

So someone said I may be "soulful".

Humble soulful and ascetic in a fluffy way is what i was. And  got back last. 

Twenty years.... 

THE chair. 2004... the first true off grid camp life (AND winning a court case into the bargain, off grid cam..)

my gosh 33mb for a little film ... good and bad of course ..
But you cannot fake it

And seven years ago as an act of true performance art is life, to live again .. start again even....i bought a replacement... the previous one i still have but so lovingly worn out ten years of dad and lass using it well, for what it was invented - being only together

I am glad i gave the new one away
a purest kairos.
The 'time' interwoven with everything that went wrong maybe ten maybe more years..... 
in society i mean!
Two per chimney society
I wonder what happened to it? I am only honourable and what is passed on is owned by the one gifted... no matter what.

I am into REAL 'autonomy'. But i know it takes two to bolster never mind tango. Never mind reduce the waste of  woodsmoke up a chimney just for one... 

All day ... all day... all day its taken !!

The start the real start as all this far the introduction to nothing, is my many pictures of my 

.... but talk about a malarkey ... however with mojo i am methodical and there is a sequence... 

That starts propper now.

NOT wasted wood i have a decade of arty farty  performance arty woodcutting this and that...
And... two moments in actual 'history': woven into stories of two very different trees that show why Britain died by showing how. Unequivocally.