Sunday 26 November 2023

"assuming makes an ass out of you [ and me, the saying goes]

 ass u me

not me.

I couldn't give a fig what any England or sexist-Wales born person thinks.

In fact in one sentence, they cannot any more.

In fact even that word is wrong-vibrational; the 90s speak: ' jumping to conclusions'  is far more human a way of expressing, what every single person seems to do nowdays.

by default.

Indeed it has a lovely bodily bounce inheretent. .. jumping can be dangerous, break ankles or you cpuld land on an upturned tack..

 And as there is no body language in any of this awful  bodily-removed  noncommunication by digital 

by default.

its all so pityful...  to conclude anything.

( they seem adficted to)

Not my fault, i have for 20 years  and longer, (in fact those letters of  '92 i wish i could read them again...hmmm)....I have attempted propper communication.

To Be cont....


damn, missed a lovely image

they're so sharp

even my oiled doorhinge they hear... anything not in their utterly zenlife knowing all around them

i wonder which gender of the pair 

so perfectly poised


at the smallest squeek

which is far more word picture than may be jumped to conclusiory nonsense as January 2010 i knew i was dealing with a very sad ..magpie
A forerunner.... 
Seems they really did "overwhelm".. fast breed.

just for fun

now... yesterday, ultra simplifidied super state of zen cleanliness, ( the movie) especially the other side...
No one could possibly imagine the poignancy in this  little image
so don't
I believe in happy endings.
And have only ever had very few little memory tjings around me
( was 'us')
thete are no hurtful memories, if you actually know how to " PROCESS" [ she said on her silly wall] everything.... 
And change the memories.. 
to something new.
Its the 'also' that's ... the rusty quay,  with security problems

And the lock... ?? 
I have explored with others how they may Be oiled  a tad...
it works!

ok some word pictures are funny !