Saturday 18 November 2023', in the language

 ...of course the show-off scholarly will have fancier words, and it ain't 'riginal.

Moi, i care not to have eve begun to make sense, but that one was important... and even meanderin' down the cobbles and seeing once more the 'beautiful people' personified, and stoppin' and passin' the time....

I wonder if these yummies notice, i always speak TO their lasses - immediately...eye to eye, no i don't need you in the way. As i did in the summer.  

" so now we know mum had even me fooled.... poor lass ....her case, shorter timespan,   but just like me 27 years had to censor herself... shibboleth isn't word that has intrinsic to its meaning you can only suffer from them and be the wrong end of a pitchfork if you arent clever and shut up, if you are a whinging ethnic on radio 4chan..... nope.... my last region 27 years i had to learn NOT to speak my native tongue...just like your mu, i would never have guessed what a clever one she is, from spade's-a-spade land all along ... but has to act so as to get on or just live here so many of those beautiful people around... but do you understand maybe not that is such a class-dependent and GOOD culturally constructed term ... great British culture would explain to us - irrespective of class, exactly what 'beautiful people' means... the very opposite, well if you manage to find a magnifying class powerful enough to locate their soul and peer into it..."  

a little later,  thoughbubble: yes she really did say that ...i mean number 1 yummy.... her perch at that so trendy outdoor bar in the harbour.... looks to match even if fading with clearly not enough outdoor time.... she said she utterly hated this place.... !? wow..... this whole region IS her.... straight out of a Guardian colour supplement circa about 2003 her personidied..... yet she hates it....and is prepared to be HONEST ... fuck thats impossible.. can't have that it's far better to live ina  paradigm of absolutely no hope!"

Despite such a shock - twice in a  week, i am committed to my gobbledygook which is incomplete unless adding in that so interesting thing the yank said " you would have to go back to in the marketplaces and arenas hearing it and lettin the original language go through your bones, as the original ancient Greek had many very bodily accents - hard and soft pronunciations, short and longer vowells ... made the language and meaning.... there is no way we can truly experience this never mind get full meaning"

other snippet, and of course one must rationally be prejudiced against all privileged elite white boys who go to private school and do Greek, because they are dangerous in their total confusion about everything and seemingly die young... seems the girly versions certainly did ...

What a thing.... was it the day before that simply never before seen sunrise i received her death young.

But then my only real 'cousin' or person with slightly similar experience i saw her of course revert in a way to becoming  a hooray henry age 23ish in Kensington and already then she .... well she seemed to be dying younger than she should.

Which of course is the disastrous rhetoric of all these cloying centrists dressed up as lefties or 'communitarian' which was just a dream .. some of us had... because its good for you

class 'envy' does no good. "you cannot have it " or " we want more like you have" never worked. Truth does: " we pity you... only pity.... as you either die young or have very sad behaviours which even you know aren't conducive to a happyish life.....and the Greeks would have laughed at your madness"

One reason one shouldnt be prejudiced against the Greeks or those studying them, i had no idea: they almost alone LOVED to write lots and lots and lots... other civilisations didn't...and thus they can be studied simply as a different mindset/language whereas  few other peoples ('lineage' a far far more neutral word, if you dont adopt you are pro People of The Book being fried or Pally babas being deliberately starved to death ... if you are pro or anti that it was always going to happen it seems so i am wise... Oct 9 ish or was it 7... " accept a runner, somewhere, and surrender,  all else is foolery"  so its irrelevant what anyone says or thinks

(as  now worldwide mother Theresa mk 2 superstar, Yuval official conscience of all bad historians and even worse anthropologists has a few days drilled down with precision radar on exactly that phrase [his] 'People of The Book', as the most pure PC words we must now use, and as  even more interestingly i would sometimes rif about 13 years ago.... using only that exact phrase, repetitively, my my i am ahead of the times....  

But yes apart from being unable to ever live  FULLY in total understanding of any language not born into - 'twas ever thus... ... in fact i wonder if English is the very hardest being there are so so many words and phrases class dependent but even moreso dependent on whether you watched BBC or ITV as a kid or teen....  and which cultural tools you were given - meaning which set of lock picks or sledgehammers so as to find your way in through the brass or concrete which surrounds the so rarified class and culturally dependent use of words in UKish....

I can't converse with 3/4 or more of the people fact i reckon its down to about 5% only... they had to have watched and been correctly influenced by Reggie.... and then several other truly Proustian masterpieces that culture managed ear in the late '70s....  

so all this moaning is no good....

Amway where was i yes a second cleaning lady and a second person whom also speaks it like it is (no smallest clues as to place name elevation of car park.... she is known, and i like not to be....and she waved at me as she was passing by just yesterday i cannot have that!)

"[censored].... c'mon be honest you know, people went evil....fuckin awful' ....this never happened in my own same  rural freedom youth....we never did this  and were real  know none of  this is from the tourists... this is ALL local younger born here adults..despite their fancy beautiful people incomer parents...."

" i have to be honest despite my painted on are right, every word you say, and i know almost all of them.... most were lost a long time ago....but i do try and talk with them...just occasionally it works.." 

every day...  right next to the most sublime of pleasant places

Looking for someone to throw the book at
But you know that he drinks and drinks can be fixed

sadly i have actually encountered rather more 'she' drinks.... and i draw the line: never. They you cannot talk to, with..or get any humanity out of...ever.. so i knew there never was any hope...ever.

But there are some good stories, only from pre schism ( a year ago). Soon.