Thursday 30 November 2023

 "nomad" ... 

Not really.

No more typos i said a few years ago...

But, life is something that happens while you're busy making other plans.

But 'planning' to be a persona, you are -  in taking care to write clearly and appear so so completely 'together' with every word perfectly presented and every apostrophe and every  

( what is the word for a line of dots in script?  to signify slightly wistful tailing off of a tjough generally to be continued...i forget....

.....Because i am too busy retaining ... for example yesterday the rather splendid smoking woman, even if in theory my absolute antithesis: 3 cm of winter colour pasted onto her face, all dolled up... in the dullest windswept grey carpark of them all...  said a rather splendid thing ... " we are is good for the soul...  we pause... " 

" even if my problem is it has never for a second affected my health, i wish it would!  i never cough due to them... my only chestiness straightforward occasional buggy stuff .... and that i love to silently pause for many hours and curiously if one doesnt speak much, when one does then there is collected  build up in the pipes i only last wish ... excepting the impossible one of your lot changes err mind... . to stop now ... i know i am ready"

pause... we pause. Maybe a good way of putting it.

My 'it'... well i know the best of it is to stop

Being addicted to what you plan as you know its crucial- presentation. And no typos. 

Because then the magic kindof clicks in...  or maybe it is simply that if one lets go of the ego in knowing for sure how one must present, then one has the space to notice more in random others...

But as no one reads much any more i mean propper books... even Ove... Bel Canto... wonderful on making friends with ranty shootgun wielding revolutionaries  with a righteous axe to grind who never really wanted to hurt anyone.... and also people of 'other' ..'countries'...    

there is not much point 

i know NOTHING goes in read off a the way Patchett's wonderful word pictures still sit within

And as i knew that years ago i am merely a nutcase Sarte being a little or a lit Proustian stream of  performative ... .absurdism

Even if may not be entirely apparent.

i know my ..self....

I never react to anything

( that is a book worth trying to precipitate into molecules sat on a paper day)

But i do react to... second time. Actually it was worse than first look. I really would be unhappy from beyond my final visit to the compost heap, if ANYone thought that Nomadland  represented one moment of actual van or ( more importantly)  getting away into the wilds.... by van, or any orher mode ..back of car just fine .. bicycle and tent... there is nothing special about van ( even if down here loadsa absurd middle aged men must show their van affinity by t shirt) .  and just being still and pausing in the wilds  there.. for a time to recharge

which down here in military land means at least figuring where the military   may be a little less .. ruining everyones quiet minds...

nomading least, aside...

their needy

  pathyways in the sky ..

all so needy

the most insignificant modern  'force' of them all truth ... must make such a racket