Saturday 18 November 2023

Funnest 4chan actually serious intro for years:

 Said with knowing seriousness, just yestereve: "And now for a challenging episode of them Archers..."

But the poor man couldn't even coercively control 'err into snuffin' 'imself out... when he is clearly sincere in his beggin' !

I call that, just not very .... I mean who on earth can you ever rely on in this lost ecosystem (i first encountered on a plane to Washington in about '93, sat next to the English woman on her way back to her university... "its based in transcendentalism"...   ) ...nice...

(even Americans  - world champ longest gaol sentencers, one even hears of  999 years,  sometimes say  "we are a society that believes NO ONE is beyond redemption") 

In fact maybe that's how one could sum up the last thirty odd years, those not so bright yanks believe all their nonsense newspeak, and thus are relatively happily bouncing along behind the lead lemming, all the way... yet the British once had enough 'common sense' to see through almost all quackery such that even when they started to consume it to look good, and be part of a club (and then they meld into institutions, i only  could ever Be alongside someone wise enough to know all institutions are always dubious so stay aside) they still retain deep down disbelief even if they dont know it, and it becoming apparent in their ubiquitous silly controlly jumping to conclusions, by default....about what ones spirit actually is ever morning at dawn... 

 Mine has been the same for at least 7 or 8 years... which is called 'meeting yourself', some time prior to then- making the time for it - plenty,  and giving him a jolly good grilling as to real motivation, and any fakery.... and best of all! keeping every email message computer, even the bust ones, as testament to being so consistent it is daft, to the only judge who one should bow down to - ones true beloved child no matter what, and knowing she could in some distant decade if the  whim ever took her, look through, listen through every moment and judge: absolutely consistent, no lies, no illusions... no self deceptions, and always seeing through what he said he would do... no 'change' of track or cage needed.  

Which in my own case was what several years of glorious illness ( likely Mrs Rachman's mouldy properties - my own literally above a swamp)  2016 - 18 was for....  and such a magnificent enforced period of dancing with ones ghosts every dawn and seeping well come the lunchtime nap... always

Now...i have not been myself for 3 months as i do believe a rando little bit of pneumonia really did settle inside for a while from then   

And even the only medicine i trust (i have never taken an asprin and dont know what a paracetomol is)  15 km at least per week fairly hilly walking, without a studpid dog with you to slow you down,...  couldnt whack it on the bum and bomb blast it aside...

But at last, when it is too late.... the fine old body (one visit to the doc only for years ... i have to be feeling rough and on the cliff edge to take up someone elses much needed slot [no one any more understands is the MORAL stance] ... a month ago " incredible" ) that is officially fine way above average for age... in other words theres always a silver lining hearing that unexpected chat up line...

wont be able to do much due winter soon...

That incredibly didnt put a stop to river bath at 6am thismorn

before dawn

so no one an see.   

13 degrees thats the limit

maybe 10 at a push

with pneumonia, nicely infesting along inside, symbiotically in front of the game, so any new ones can fuck off and die  a long lingering death inside some less incredibly tip top blood-pressurised fit body