Monday 27 November 2023

I ain't no suing cider, love bummer

oopps another

but this needs work... as the final weave begins.


Now ...long long ago perceived

The truly lost causes resort to Kahil

Indeed .... " give them your love but not your thoughts"

oops Miss Quote i care about repeating someone elses words EXACTLY

"You may give them your love but not your thoughts, For they ..."

we may may we...

which would be one of the hardest possible sentences to translate to a not native, in this performative lingo, extreme.... in fact may take a lifetime to well

(page in progress)

we really do need to go back here - figuratively.... because the real Britain was in there...(that murdered badgers and ruined the environment) 


A country where your 6 mth old NHS glasses case (i had to get a replacement  - reason #5 for the last pair had fallen so to bits impossible to glue any more|)  - extremely carefully looked after  - i make a pair of reading glasses last a decade, but it is made of such  shitty careless materials its turned to  dangerous razor edged self harming shards before you know it..

there's a reason for this. Soon

from unused... except one message out, only

Last years ago  i began to notice - it started.... rural rambles, and all over the place  - a previously sane quiet sparsely populated place where parents would raise their children to shut the bleedin gate or else....
everywhere... i have a whole photo study of gates...left open... by pretend country people...

funny that as #1 rule is shut the the poor farmers stock may stay on that poor farmers land and ...

to be cont
but it makes HATE .. the norm: farmers hating everyone

The first of many sunglassed 

bad parents
and or fools

i saw one today who had his three year old in sunglasses.... november 27th overcast..

whatsthat ohh yes one of many magpies

i never obscure any face but
She is so remarkable i wouldnt wish her to think there may be anything intrusive

yes i did! ... two (PERMANENTLY) marked rechargeables 

Back there soon - with an audio accompaniment