Saturday 18 November 2023

ism ism ism

 And assumptionism.

It is impossible to ever here anyone tell their story any more.

I wish to know, facts, acts, real stuff, such as does anyone but me often watch Barbara Streisand movies, as a therapy and remedy to all this cynical  isming, and as usual every time i do i ponder antisemeticallyismish, "except for Bette the Beast, whos Eve simply is the gtreatest spirit never mind acting of any, 'is or 'errisms.. Babs is the  one who you know simply changed more than any others over to her simply second best ever ways, the way we were... when we had the second  best ever example of a human to Be, or Bah,  behind 

"And be lead to safer high pastures"

I want to know only if people watch Bab flicks....and can forget everything else; because she should have ones fullest attention. ( there being no sane voices left, Eric Weinstein alone, maybe 2/3 so) . Twice the last week in my temple

The latest, the mirror one with Geoff Bridges about how, things change ... if you stop being you. Before Fakebook tied everyone onto remaining a fake you

oops i near forgot a really useless little latent collection of wafflechops, kindof linked, but spat out with lots of spittle  i loaded via free data earlier, my data almost over