Sunday 12 November 2023

media, anti-social

 i wrote a 4 page handrwrittwn letter a year ago even if sent via the socials...

i guess proving nothing digital can work.... and it all certainly is not 'social'

7 or 8 years ago especially as main pro EU landloper in my past region i started to  gradually trawl the better voices ( grayling at the oxford union 2019

 very useful to that failed cause...BOTH 'sides' could listen to his fine balanced words and not be offended) 

and anyway the LONG FORM discussion or interview is far far more useful than all other 'mefia' 

so gradually one finds Unherd, Weinsteins Triggernometry - awful aggressive yuck, but you have to understand what the rest are influenced by... 

then Geoffrey  Sachs, Daum,  Yannis Varoufakis etc... etc

quite obviously these broadcasts,  especially the more thoughtful, who get a combined audience far greater now than 'mainstream' media, are the public conversation.... 'media'

and then we have new stars such as Finkelstein...  Gabor [ performing] self pity,  traumatised Mate....etc etc

who have nothing to say that helps...PEOPLE

sorry but i havent heard any  of even them being wise and HUMAN

 like my audio i made this morning....

and thus its the end  ...i give up all thought