Sunday 5 November 2023

" my grandfather was shot in the head by the Nazis"


Someone else's grandfather (and this is no judgement or in any way reflection! on the lineage of either grandfathers offsprings)  - in fact the only other person in 18 mths i have had some sort of functional real communication with, and have been the last month... though it has truly hurt me the moral quandary of what two grown ups, as we are, may say about matters..(except "yasmin as you personify, mongrelisation really is the only answer to world peace" ...she did not disagree).... 7 Oct..and she is wise:

Y: "my [germano-italian] grandfather would be up in the high passes of the Alps at great risk to himself  helping young Jewish escapees who had made it up there, over to safety" 

Funny that  -  two  significant minds   the only two i have encountered this century, though one still too young to... ?? ..... have  such a  grandfather link.... (i can only relate to non English - neither are...)

And i am stuck... cannot say anything about the outside world any more, but tried. This there but hidden side page hurt me in fact may have killed me !


stand alone THE END  waffle and why articulating trauma and "intergenerational trauma"  simply helps no one

5 Nov waffle

Trauma is not a helpful word  

("intergenerational trauma" even more a rusty harmful cage )

(subtitle there is so much 'trauma' here Enland - i am world champ but dont moan about it ever but here is what 'identity' loss is, for real

" i lived a place that no longer exists" and no one else will even remember what it was like 

except me (though i do have 100s of hours of film... that cannot lie). The ultimate 'trauma' but i wouldn't even bother telling anyone this until a year ago..

sharing our traumas is not the answer


True art... everyone should be made to watch once a decade.

i needed to remind myself ...yesterday.... a month of caring about the Palestinian dead and hurt... but you must tjink of both sides! Or one is ... prejudiced... psychos are people, too... and need solutions that may let them live better too

And no better a reminder.

yes there has been mad prejudice always and i DO get it...

each one of those nazi shots to someones head  this time of watching.... almost hirt me. I could not get her grandad out of my head

Afterall no matter what i value a wise head and my own lrejudices a few decades ago - even with a totally cosmopolitain life, would  have relegated her head to not the finest i have ever encountered...on most things

we all have tweaks we need to make ..... my own last few only in the last few years

i know one thing, you dont get the tweaks from Mr Tolle...or Peterson or all these false  actors....

the nature of life itself is the only person who can truly influence one is the one we live...WITH....